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Canon D-SLR 400D, One of canon masterpiece

I has been waiting for a long time for SLR camera from Canon until Canon EOS 400D was introducing. After series of EOS 350D, I think canon will improve its SLR camera to be a best one. My curios of 400D must be satisfied with to try this camera lot.


How I am surprises when I knew this SLR have 10.1 mega pixels, in my feeling this SLR will be a king in SLR. A newbie of digital camera, certainly first time read a specification and of course 10.1 mega pixels will be an attraction to buy it.

Buying SLR canon can be separately with its lens, so there is alternative for byers want to buy body only or with its default lens. It make benefit for a byers who has many lens.

All I know, control of menu from 400D is very .. very … user-friendly even though for a user that never use Canon camera yet. Composition of 400D control menu was designed well, it can enjoy everyone who use it.

This SLR can operate fast and efficient, so user that use this SLR will less than a second to take a shoot.

Quality of built of this SLR is very good, modern and stylist and smart. No word can express this quality of product except “two thumps up”.


The best quality of picture can reach in jpeg file, I have try and try take a shoot with output jpeg file is not good output. Maybe it’s better if output of file is RAW file.


This is a best entry level SLR, no word can I express for this product ….. only “excellent” product. And this SLR deserved to buy for all fans of SLR.



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