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OnShare : one of sharing application in internet

With OnShare, we can reach into each other’s computers to share files in total privacy. OnShare is built exclusively for me, you and your friends. We only share files with people you invite so we know they’re from a trusted source. The files you share stay exactly where they are on your computer. OnShare’s file sharing in amaxumum security and messaging is 2048 bit- encrypted, so secure that no one can intercept your chats and files. The security model was conceived and developed by ex-military scientists.

OnShare’s toolbar allows us to securely share web pages and chat with your friends from within your browser. We can also search for shared pages, check your OnShare messages and search the web. OnShare’s pioneering technology lets we reach into our friends’ computer, grab whatever we want and use it just as if it were on our own computer. And, if we have more than one computer, we can easily share between us wherever we are in the world.

With OnShare, our friends appear as drives on our computer, meaning we can access their shared files directly from within Windows. View, drag, drop, copy and paste just like we’re used to. Our behaviour online can be watched by web sites that keep track of where you are and what you look at. OnShare will make our web browsing safer by cloaking our computer’s IP address and anonymising our web browsing.



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