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Amazing iPhone

This is the pinnacle of phone, combine of smart phone, music player, video player technology. I cannot believe how much stuff is wrapped into this beautiful device. Okay first, there is the look. Now I doubt you will be able to find anyone who doesn’t think this phone is gorgeous. It has an overall of 4 buttons and a switch. 1 for the home screen, 2 for sound, 1 for on and off and the switch to mute sound. The rest is controlled by your fingers on the 3.5″ touch screen. It is beautiful piece of engineering technology. The touch screen is “clever” it know when you touch once, it knows when you pulling across the screen, it knows when your pinching. This is due to a sensitive electrical sheet underneath the glass, yes glass, that is connected to the apple Mac OS x system. It is stunning.

The visual detail is nothing you would ever expect from a 3.5″ screen. You will be stunned by its clarity. You can watch movies, TV shows, music videos, in pure beauty, without squinting on the screen, which you can touch! The controls are simple, you touch. That’s all you need to do.

The iPod is the best iPod they have ever made, apparently, but I won’t doubt this. I have an iPod mini, so this upgrade was massive and has shown me what I have been missing out on. The album flow is awesome never seen a feature like that on a phone before. Really makes you feel like your search for your song in a list of albums.

The internet connection is something out of this world. The fact you can see almost any page on the internet as it would look on your computer, on your phone is tremendous. Might I say I haven’t used it with edge so I don’t know about the slowness of that, because i have unlocked my phone but on wi-fi, it is fast, smooth, and great fun.

My phone is hacked, so i don’t have the upgrade yet, but all the applications added are clever, and work excellently. The ringtone buying is a joke, just download the ringtone program and add them for free.

The phone is a little heavy, but very small. It has a 2mp camera which doesn’t have a flash, kind of annoying but takes very clear large photos, with the 3.5″ screen as you viewer, it brings photos to life. The photo viewer is an awesome application, easily flicking through you photos in their perfect visual beauty.

Overall this phone is amazing. The phone part of the iPhone is great, not perfect, but still very good. The iPod, internet, and camera are all beautiful things, just like the touch screen. If you like technology, buy this phone! You won’t be disappointed.

Well it’s easy to use, you touch the screen and drag to move, pinch out to zoom in, pinch in to zoom out, and if you ever need to go back to home instantly you just click home. The phone turns its screen off by using infrared when you on a phone call to save battery and stop you pressing buttons, it also detects the amount of light in the room to adjust the screen brightness, you can turn this on and off obviously. The screen is basically impossible to scratch, it seems to be coated in some friction free material, so everything slides off it. Keys struggle to scratch the screen but can easily scratch the metallic edge of the device. Battery life is as much as you use it, about 48 hours with casual use, with wi-fi bluetooth, video watching, phone calling, you not going to get as much out of it.


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