The 25 Coolest (and Most Unconventional) Keyboards

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, from the standard ten dollar gray board to something straight out of a science fiction movie. Here
’s a list of some of the coolest and strangest keyboards out there.

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New Phone Headset Allows You To ‘Speak’ Through Your Ear

A Japanese company Tuesday unveiled a new device that will allow people “speak” through their ear so they can use their mobile telephones in noisy places.

The device — named “e-Mimi-kun” (good ear boy) — doubles as an earphone and a microphone by detecting air vibrations inside the ear, developer NS-ELEX Co. said.

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Google to Wikipedia: “Knol” thine enemy

Google‘s new “knol” social knowledge project has a lofty-sounding goal: make the world’s knowledge easier to put on line. In reality, Google wants a piece of the social knowledge search results, and looks likely to get it.

Google has surely noticed that much of its search traffic is directed to Wikipedia, which regularly has an entry in the top five search results for any particular term. If Google could steer all that traffic toward its own properties instead, and if those properties contained Google ads, and if Google split its revenue with the article creators… well, it’s not hard to see why this would start to look pretty good to both Google and content creators, and why such an initiative could ramp up quickly.

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How HDMI Works

HDMI is more than a port on the back of a TV (and the often expensive cable that fits inside). It’s a set of rules for allowing high-definition electronic devices to communicate.

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Mozilla Labs: Personas for Firefox

Personas for Firefox is a extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser. Personas for Firefox is a extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser.

Personas is a prototype that builds upon the ideas that:

* themes today are too hard to find, install and use
* graphic designers should be able to style the browser without having to code
* browsers can be more than just desktop software, they can include online components
* people just want their computer to be a little more fun and personal

This version improves upon a prototype that was discussed and tested earlier this year.

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Toshiba launching SCiB batteries in March: 5 min charge, 10

How does this sound: a battery capable of recharging to 90% in under 5 minutes while remaining useful for 10 years or more? Sounds like the stuff of jetpacks and food replicators right? Nope… March, 2008. It was a long, long time ago when we first brought you news of these so-called “Super Li-ion” batteries. In March of 2005 to be exact.

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Toshiba unveils a 128GB SSD in Japan

OH YEAH ! Starting from February 2008, Toshiba will start selling several new (module) SSD, with a capacity raging from 23 to 128GB, then in April, they will start selling 1.8” and 2.5” SSD with a capacity ranging from 32 to 128GB as well.

Our SSD will have a reading speed of 100MB/s and a writing speed of 40MB/s… Ok… I admit… on this one I like Toshiba a little bit more ….

New era of Gb Harddisk for entering high capacity Harddisk …

Toshiba Harddisk