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With a name like PolyCola, you might be surprised to discover a website built around searching as opposed to plastics (poly) and soft drinks (cocacola or pepsi cola). The real surprise with PolyCola is how it instantly empowers one of library lands classic (well, modern classic) lessons – the search engine comparison.





The PolyCola site doesn’t mess around. A simple three-step interface lets you select two search engines, choose a search type, and enter a search string. The results are then displayed on a split-screen page that lets you scroll independently to instantly and cleanly compare the search results. A search engine not only google and yahoo but included live, ask, dogpile, altavista and aol.


A quick review of searches on Google and Yahoo for “jakarta blog” revels some interesting findings. You can certainly see evidence of Google’s link-based can find about in 0,18 second 2,880,000 site can find, yahoo can find 8,510,000 in 0,09 second faster than google. Result of google and yahoo is not out focus of Jakarta where sometime in google it present blog not only in body of website but also in who provide link of blog.




If we thirty of information and one search engine is not enough, mix our search with


















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  1. WOW! Thank you for this post, is exactly what I was looking for. I will tell my friends about this for sure.

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