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Indonesia was claimed as third of country that produced carbon dioxide (CO2)

One of statement form NGO that claim Indonesia in not only as one of a corrupt country but also Indonesia has produced carbon (CO2) emission as third rank in the world. Oh .. .my country, we should develop a better living and reject all claim form other NGO statement to become a clean country. Go .. my Indonesia!

Indonesia rejected the accusation of NGO Wetland International and Delft Hydraulics that in their research stated Indonesia was third of country that produced carbon dioxide (CO2) in the world after the United States and China.

The head of BPPT Said D. Jenie said the research that was carried out by the two non-governmental organizations was inaccurate and ignored many factors.

The factor influenced the fluctuation in annual carbon emissions. In fact, the climate factor was very dominant in determining the incident that happened in Indonesia, like the problem of firing forest, He said. According to him, Indonesia in fact precisely became the absorber CO2 that was dismissed by developed countries. That was caused because of the number of forests in Indonesia relative bigger if compared with other countries.

The other factor was the Indonesian ocean also was occupied by millions of planktons that could effective absorbed CO2,” said Said. Because of that he insists to have the standardization of counting emissions CO2 that was produced by each country. As far as this, counting of carbon emissions was in each country carried out by the NGO.


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