Rollforming Technology

Rollforming is a continuous bending operation in which a long strip of metal (typically coiled steel) is passed through consecutive sets of rolls, or stands, each performing only an incremental part of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained. Roll-forming is ideal for producing parts with long lengths or in large quantities (source: wikipedia)

Rollforming technology is serving the automotive, store fixture, office furniture, material handling, and building products industries, steel forming system is a great source for anything from simple steel channels to multipart weldments and fixtures. With capabilities that include roll forming, punching and piercing, robotic welding, and assembly services, components can be completely fabricated in-house, reducing costs while increasing supervision and quality.

Roll forming reduces costs by eliminating secondary operations when possible, streamlining the flow of production, and educating the workforce. This system limits man-hours, eliminates waste, reduces mistakes, and vastly improves quality.

Whether your company’s needs include services relating to product engineering, advanced shipping and logistics, or special finishing and packaging, steel forming system can help. Regardless of the industry; automotive, retail displays and fixtures, office furniture, building products, or if you just require a simple channel, rollforming technology can supply a better, value and faster.

There is so many leading company in rollforming in the world, it has significant experience in the production of roll forming equipment, steel and stainless steel for a great diversity of fabrication projects. That manufactures a wide range of rollformers for many industries, products and can meet the needs of any customer through customization and innovation


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  1. Good post..Its helpful and knowledgeable…

  2. Hi, This is very nice article and highly useful also. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Great article on cold roll forming technologies.

    I hear a lot about Samco Machinery and the advanced technologies they bring to this market.

    Do you know what products they are best known for? Can they make any shape or profile required?


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