Paid Review Website

Review sites have been a valuable source of income for a blogger. Blogger write about product, website, service and the advertisers will pay to blogger depend on the qualityof blog site. Here is some of review site and its page rank (PR) to identified how popular the review sites.Feel free to navigate through the links and if you know of other sites that pay bloggers to blog give a comment to enrich the list of review sites. Let’s us try to know it.

PayPerPost (PR : 6)

Get paid for blogging. You’ve been writing about Web sites, products, services and companies you love for years and you have yet to benefit from all the sales and traffic you have helped generate. That’s about to change. With PayPerPost advertisers are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics. Search through a list of Opportunities, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid. It’s that simple.

ReviewMe (PR : 6)

In the ReviewMe publisher system, advertisers choose which specific blogs to review their product or website. So basically, sit back, and let the review offers come to you. In the ReviewMe advertiser marketplace, advertisers create specific campaigns for bloggers. Bloggers can find out what review campaigns are available for their blog by checking the Advertiser Clearinghouse or the View Campaigns tab in their account.”

Smorty (PR : 6)

Smorty is a hub between advertisers and bloggers. The system is very straight forward to use. You create your blog advertising campaign, Smorty reviews it and delivers it instantly to its vast blogger network. Each blog post is checked automatically by Smorty smart review. All approved posts appear on your admin panel for optional manual review, posts must comply with blogger rules”.

WeblogsInc (PR : 6)

Looking to get paid to blog about subjects you love? Tell us what you’re passionate about and let’s find out if there’s a fit!

B5Media (PR : 6)

We’re one of the largest blog networks in the world. We want to be the biggest. Want to help? It’s easy to apply. Just visit our application page.

BuyABlogger (PR : 5)

Create a profile and get advertisers to directly contact you about paid blogging opportunities.

Blogvertise (PR : 5)

Our Advertisers want YOU to mention and talk about their websites products and services in your blogs and journals. They want the publicity, the exposure, the Buzz! that online bloggers and internet
journals can generate for their web site products and services. In exchange blogsvertise pays YOU in paypal per task/blog entry, for writing / talking about / mentioning their website in your blog!

PayU2Blog (PR : 4)

Blog Advertising. Bloggers in our network get paid to blog. Making money with your blog is very easy when you are a member of the Payu2blog network. Bloggers in our network blog about many topics and have fun making money while blogging.

LoudLaunch (PR : 4)

Earn more with your blog. Get paid to independently review LoudLaunch Campaign Releases. You’ve earned your audience, now be compensated for your opinion.

SponsoredReviews (PR : 4)

A Sponsored Review is an article you write for an advertiser. You review their products and services and then post the review on your blog. Each advertiser has his or her own requirements (i.e. length, link info, etc.). You write the review in your own tone, and can be as critical as needed. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but rude or hateful reviews will be declined.

BuyBlogReviews (PR : 3)

Advertisers meet Bloggers to have their products or services reviewed, or to buy contextual ads. Advertisers can post different opportunities or searches through our Marketplace while Bloggers can avail these opportunities or get selected directly.

Bloggerwave (PR : 3)

More and more people have got their own blog. No wonder. Its so easy to get started.Surf by Its just one of many places where you can make/ host a blog and its for free. Now you are ready to air your opinions on the net. And to make money! Your opinions could quickly turn into gold. But first you need to register with us here at Bloggerwave.

BlogtoProfit (PR : 3)

Now you have a way to make Guaranteed Money for posts to your blog! No Kidding! Join this exciting new program and get your first order after your blog is reviewed! How does it work? We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!

BloggingAds (PR : 3)

Well, we are serious. We are looking for bloggers to post one-time ads on their blog sites for money. Blogging Ads is an easy way for you to earn money by doing nothing more than you already do – post to your blog. We pay through Paypal. You must have a Paypal account to be paid.

PayMeToBlogAboutYou (PR : 3)

Pay Me To Blog About You is an online market place that enables Advertisers to find Bloggers locally, nationally or globally and contract with them for placing links and creating BUZZ about products,services, events, issues, etc.

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Top 10 Google Search Tricks

Convert currency, metrics, bytes, and more

Google’s powerful built-in converter calculator can help you out whether you’re cooking dinner, traveling abroad, or building a PC. If we write “1 USD in IDR”, so google help us to find 1 US Dollar = ? IDR.

Get the local time anywhere

What time is it in Jakarta right now? Ask Google. Enter simply what time is it to get the local time in big cities around the world, or add the locale at the end of your query, like what time is it Jakarta to get the local time there. Just do “time Jakarta”, google will show us what time in Jakarta now.

Defining everything

An easy one to do, which might be a bit more well known, is to just type in “define: ‘your term'”. That will give a variety of definitions from a variety of sources, including things like Wikipedia. Just do “define:amazon” and google will show us defination of a large strong and aggressive woman.

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Time Picks the 50 Best Websites of 2007

Time had picked the 50 best website 2007, it’s that time, no pun intended, that every on and offline publication does its best & worst look back at the now-previous year.Time Magazine takes a look at what it believes are the 50 best websites of 2007.

A number of sites made the cut in the “web services” category:

Personally, I’m shocked they missed Meebo, and I’m grateful there’s nary a Facebook app in the mix.

What do you think of their picks?


Google to Wikipedia: “Knol” thine enemy

Google‘s new “knol” social knowledge project has a lofty-sounding goal: make the world’s knowledge easier to put on line. In reality, Google wants a piece of the social knowledge search results, and looks likely to get it.

Google has surely noticed that much of its search traffic is directed to Wikipedia, which regularly has an entry in the top five search results for any particular term. If Google could steer all that traffic toward its own properties instead, and if those properties contained Google ads, and if Google split its revenue with the article creators… well, it’s not hard to see why this would start to look pretty good to both Google and content creators, and why such an initiative could ramp up quickly.

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Blogger Tips : Expandable Post Summaries

Expandable Post Summaries is the method by which each blog post consists of a short paragraph of introduction followed by a ‘Read More‘ link. This enables the reader to get a small introduction to each post on the main page. He can then click the Read More link if he gets sufficiently interested……..
Many bloggers have reported confusion when they tried to follow the instructions on the official blogger help page for this hence I have tried to put the help in more easy to follow terms here. There are basically three steps to follow if you want to implement expandable post summaries in the new layouts template.

For more one night I searched an info that related to expandable post summary, at last I found the best link for newbie that can explain more clear and enough for undrstand. This useful link :

Nagios, powerful network monitoring system

Wonderful Nagios (thank to Ethan Galstad), is an open source of network monitoring system that can manage many network equipment base on IP platform. We have tried to install and used it in our network that contain more than 30 router, more than 20 Manageable Switch and several server. And it’s work best.


Base on, nagios is a host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do. It has been designed to run under the Linux operating system, but works fine under most *NIX variants as well. The monitoring daemon runs intermittent checks on hosts and services you specify using external “plugins” which return status information to Nagios. When problems are encountered, the daemon can send notifications out to administrative contacts in a variety of different ways (email, instant message, SMS, etc.). Current status information, historical logs, and reports can all be accessed via a web browser.





Nagios has a lot of features, making it a very powerful monitoring tool. Some of the major features are listed below:

  • Monitoring of network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING, etc.)
  • Monitoring of host resources (processor load, disk and memory usage, running processes, log files, etc.)
  • Monitoring of environmental factors such as temperature
  • Simple plugin design that allows users to easily develop their own host and service checks
  • Ability to define network host hierarchy, allowing detection of and distinction between hosts that are down and those that are unreachable
  • Contact notifications when service or host problems occur and get resolved (via email, pager, or other user-defined method)
  • Optional escalation of host and service notifications to different contact groups
  • Ability to define event handlers to be run during service or host events for proactive problem resolution
  • Support for implementing redundant and distributed monitoring servers
  • External command interface that allows on-the-fly modifications to be made to the monitoring and notification behavior through the use of event handlers, the web interface, and third-party applications
  • Retention of host and service status across program restarts
  • Scheduled downtime for suppressing host and service notifications during periods of planned outages
  • Ability to acknowledge problems via the web interface
  • Web interface for viewing current network status, notification and problem history, log file, etc.
  • Simple authorization scheme that allows you restrict what users can see and do from the web interface















 is very nice search



With a name like PolyCola, you might be surprised to discover a website built around searching as opposed to plastics (poly) and soft drinks (cocacola or pepsi cola). The real surprise with PolyCola is how it instantly empowers one of library lands classic (well, modern classic) lessons – the search engine comparison.





The PolyCola site doesn’t mess around. A simple three-step interface lets you select two search engines, choose a search type, and enter a search string. The results are then displayed on a split-screen page that lets you scroll independently to instantly and cleanly compare the search results. A search engine not only google and yahoo but included live, ask, dogpile, altavista and aol.


A quick review of searches on Google and Yahoo for “jakarta blog” revels some interesting findings. You can certainly see evidence of Google’s link-based can find about in 0,18 second 2,880,000 site can find, yahoo can find 8,510,000 in 0,09 second faster than google. Result of google and yahoo is not out focus of Jakarta where sometime in google it present blog not only in body of website but also in who provide link of blog.




If we thirty of information and one search engine is not enough, mix our search with