Top 10 Google Search Tricks

Convert currency, metrics, bytes, and more

Google’s powerful built-in converter calculator can help you out whether you’re cooking dinner, traveling abroad, or building a PC. If we write “1 USD in IDR”, so google help us to find 1 US Dollar = ? IDR.

Get the local time anywhere

What time is it in Jakarta right now? Ask Google. Enter simply what time is it to get the local time in big cities around the world, or add the locale at the end of your query, like what time is it Jakarta to get the local time there. Just do “time Jakarta”, google will show us what time in Jakarta now.

Defining everything

An easy one to do, which might be a bit more well known, is to just type in “define: ‘your term'”. That will give a variety of definitions from a variety of sources, including things like Wikipedia. Just do “define:amazon” and google will show us defination of a large strong and aggressive woman.

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Google to Wikipedia: “Knol” thine enemy

Google‘s new “knol” social knowledge project has a lofty-sounding goal: make the world’s knowledge easier to put on line. In reality, Google wants a piece of the social knowledge search results, and looks likely to get it.

Google has surely noticed that much of its search traffic is directed to Wikipedia, which regularly has an entry in the top five search results for any particular term. If Google could steer all that traffic toward its own properties instead, and if those properties contained Google ads, and if Google split its revenue with the article creators… well, it’s not hard to see why this would start to look pretty good to both Google and content creators, and why such an initiative could ramp up quickly.

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